Improving the Art of Teaching

Course Syllabus

Narrative Assignment and Exemplar

Resource Review Presentation

Teacher Interview Assignment

Professional Development Session

Final Project

  • exemplar: Exploring Painting and Examining the Experience
  • exemplar: Analysis of Four Songs about my B.ED Year
    •       1. one of the songs: Mr. Strong

Sep.16 What is teaching to you?

Sep.23 Who is the self that teaches?

Sep.30 Narrative and teacher knowledge

Oct.7 Artfully examining teaching and learning

Oct. 14 Guest Adam Bell and Making with the MaKey MaKey

Oct. 21 How is teaching an art?

Oct. 28 What do the arts offer education?

Nov. 4 The Influence of the arts on learning

Nov. 11 What is wrong with teaching (today)?

Nov. 18 Teaching with and for creativity

Nov, 25 Complexity in teaching and learning