As a teacher, educational researcher and musician-composer, I have been working for some time to devise a way to wear these three hats at once in order to explore and represent understandings of educational phenomena through musical processes. I have developed an arts-based research approach that I call ‘musically enhanced narrative inquiry.’ Please find some examples below, from an ongoing project entitled 'Teaching Lives.' The pieces are musically enhanced stories told to me by Betty, who taught children aged 4-7 in rural Kent, England between 1956 and 1984.

      1. Back a Kid Again

visual text representation–look while you listen: Back a Kid Again - layered text

      2. Magnified Pond Creatures

visual text representation: Magnified Pond Creatures - Layered Text

      3. Sweet Thames

visual text representation: Sweet Thames - Layered Text

      4. Baking Buns for Mrs. Blinks

visual text representation: Baking Buns for Mrs. Blinks - layered text