Building Creative Capacity through Assessment for Learning in the Arts  (AfLiA)

SSHRC funded research designed by Drs. Benjamin Bolden and Christopher DeLuca that explores how assessment for learning can promote and nurture creativity in arts classrooms

Are you an  arts teacher in Canada? Do you use teaching or coaching strategies that nurture student creativity?

Our preliminary research has shown that teachers in the arts routinely nurture creativity by:

  • offering informal feedback,
  • clarifying what makes a creation successful,
  • asking questions about students’ creative intentions,
  • activating students to own their own learning, and
  • activating students to to learn from each other.

These are all examples of assessment for learning (AfL) strategies, and arts teachers are often experts without even realizing it. 

We'd love to hear from you! Our research team at the Faculty of Education at Queen's University is currently looking for teachers to participate in a 30-minute phone interview so that we can learn more about the ways arts teachers nurture student creativity.

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