IS Music

Winter Term Syllabus 2018

PPP2 Schedule

PP2 overview slides

PPP2 Assessment Checklist

Curriculum Unit Design Description

Unit Planning Slides

Unit Design Proposal Template

Link to Queen's Library IS music resource guide

Teaching Composing Presentation Slides

Assessment Ch.7 slides

Classroom Management Ch. 12 slides

Podcast Assignment Description

  •       1. BB exemplar podcast
  • Podcast assignment slides

Composing/ Arranging Assignment

IS Music Self Study Part 2 with exemplar

Opera Creation - Queen's

Chair Drumming (link to download 86 MB ppt file from dropbox)





Fall Term Syllabus 2017

Peer Performance Preparation 1 -- Rehearsal Plan description & rubric

Personal Learning Project -- description & rubric

IS Music Narrative -- description & rubric & exemplar

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